About Us

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers (CPD 4 Teachers) is committed to working with learning organisations who seek improvement of student outcomes through their own professional growth in teaching and learning. CPD 4 Teachers specialises in assisting schools and leaders undergoing fundamental curriculum change and supporting learning communities during what can be a demanding and difficult process.

Our goal is to work with teachers, teams and school leaders in creating a learning culture that supports a whole school-wide approach to “Curriculum synchronicity and alignment”.

CPD 4 Teachers provides tailored professional development opportunities, by working within the school environment to bring about strategic and sustainable change management initiatives.

Professional learning opportunities offered by CPD 4 Teachers, fully support the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AISTL). All professional development is in accordance with these standards and  we will provide evidence/records for schools and individuals.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers (CPD 4 Teachers)
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