Frequently Asked Questions

What does `CPD required’ mean?

Teachers engage in a range of professional development activities to develop their skills and practice. The CPD required under the CPD Framework means that teachers will undertake CPD that demonstrates:

  • a balance across the following identified areas;
  • employer directed and supported CPD;
  • school supported CPD;
  • individually identified CPD;
  • a range of types of CPD activities;
  • completion of at least the minimum amount required.

How much CPD do I need to undertake?

Teachers working full-time will need to do at least 20 hours of CPD per year. The Framework contains a pro-rata schedule for teachers working less than full time.


Does ‘balance’ mean that I have to do the same amount of CPD in each area?

No. The balance may vary according to the particular teacher’s situation. For example, in some employer settings the first two areas (employer directed and supported and school supported) may merge. For relief teachers a greater emphasis on individually identified CPD may be appropriate.


How does CPD 4 Teachers assist the Employer and School support CPD requirements?

Employers and schools are required to direct and support some of the professional development that an individual might undertake. CPD 4 Teachers work “in-house, (at the school site) by training, mentoring and coaching teaching staff and leaders in the area of curriculum depending upon their needs. There are numerous ways in which we are able to work effectively and deliver expected outcomes to our clients.


How does CPD 4 Teachers mange schools CPD?

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers provides a consulting service for all learning communities. This service provides a consultant to work with staff at all levels to identify key teaching and learning goals necessary for employer, school and individuals.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers will suggest and co-ordinate professional development opportunities in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and individual goals outlined.


How can CPD 4 Teachers tailor and work with my learning community?

All professional development programmes can be customized and designed to meet the client’s needs and that of the learning community. A pre-consulting meeting is always necessary to ascertain the support required. All professional development opportunities are in keeping with Australian Professsional Standards for Teachers (AITSL) and CPD 4 Teachers will provide certification of completion of in-service outlining hours attended.


I already spend a lot of time planning as well as involvement in meetings and extra curricula activities. Do I have to do CPD as well?

Yes. CPD does not include normal expectations of the teaching role. Planning and preparation, engagement in extra curricula activities and attending routine core business meetings are part of your role as a teacher.


Will I be able to meet the CPD required without taking time out of my school?

The CPD Framework places a high value on the quality professional development activities that occur at the school site. In addition there is a wide range of CPD that may be undertaken by teachers outside school hours, including online courses.