Our Consultants

Robyn Menkes photoRobyn Menkes has an exceptional career in education in a range of settings and roles. She has extensive experience as Curriculum and Professional Development Adviser, Director of Teaching and Learning,  Co-ordinator, Year Coordinator and as a classroom teacher.

Robyn has a thorough understanding of current educational trends, pedagogical frameworks and the professional learning needs of teachers in Australia. She delivers professional learning on current theories and evidence-based practices from Hattie, Timperley, and Robinson.

Robyn has a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and pedagogy and supports schools implementation of a united school wide approach using the curriculum framework “Understanding by Design.” She recently presented at the 2014 ACER conference on the development of online courses for secondary schools and was the recipient of the 2010 NSW Premiers Teaching Scholarship (Business Studies, Economics). Robyn has travelled extensively to the USA and interviewed successful leaders of business to bring their learnings to the educational sectors.

Robyn’s pedagogical leadership has seen her work in schools and co-ordinated a range of opportunities which challenge and improve teachers capacity. She has developed a shared understanding around “best practice” within schools, creating professional learning communities and observations and feedback through Instructional Rounds. Robyn has coached and mentored reflective practices in schools and challenges practitioners to collect qualitative and quantitative evidence related to the improvement of goals, especially in relation to individual, school and system goals and student data from NAPLAN and HSC.

Robyn has achieved Certification level in William Glasser’s Choice Theory/Reality Theory/Lead Management, and has led numerous pedagogical courses.