Are your Year 12 students ATAR ready?

2019 has seen one of the biggest reforms in Queensland schooling since the 1990’s. No doubt your middle leaders and teachers have been supported to prepare for the new ATAR system. One year on in the new system and are your teaching staff data informed? Are you confident that they are using that data to help plan units of work in 2020 that deliver relevant learning experiences and effective pedagogy?

As coaching and mentoring consultants, CPD for Teachers has a great depth and breadth of all P-12 syllabi having worked extensively with Queensland schools to broaden knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and QCAA requirements with a clear focus on the curriculum, assessment, standards and pedagogy.

More recently our work has involved in-school coaching and developing understanding of the new QCE system which has seen teachers implement clear, consistent curriculum documentation that shows accountability and transparency for all learning programs.

Our Quality Assurance Masterclass has enabled senior teachers gain a deeper understanding of the new QCE senior system and the importance of quality assurance across all assessment tasks. By encouraging critical reflection, we work to build the capacity of staff to make reliable judgements of assessment and the confidence to write future assessment tasks.

2020 is a critical year for your year 12 students and for your school’s ability to build the capability of your staff to support your senior students.  Make sure you’re travelling on the right track towards positive school improvement and student achievement.

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“Lisa worked with our staff over a two-year period to implement a whole school pedagogical framework and to coach staff to write the new Australian Curriculum units of work using the our school’s pedagogical framework.  My staff found Lisa to have an exceptional knowledge of all curriculum areas that allowed her to lead them through this challenging process; one of Lisa’s great strengths in this is that she does not do the writing for the staff but rather effectively coaches them to develop their own skills and confidence.  I have found her modelling of this process to our curriculum middle leaders to be very effective in further developing their leadership skills also.” Cathy O’Kane, St Rita’s College

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