Building Teacher Capacity

Successful student outcomes do not just happen by chance!MailChimp_Graphic04-Learning

Building teacher capacity can sometimes feel over-whelming. Professional learning time and money is not always spent well and a band-aid approach is often applied, hence having no effective and sustainable impact on student learning.

Are your school’s targeted goals  clear and are teaching staff goals aligned with this vision?

Will the professional learning structuresrs allow teachers to pursuit their professional goals with the support of their colleagues and leaders?

PL TRANSFERENCEThe challenge for schools is to continue to enhance a school’s culture that focuses on improvements in teaching and learning. Fullan (2008) draws our attention to the critical work of schools and three factors that improve student achievement:

  1. Capacity Building,
  2. Connecting Peers with Purpose,
  3. Learning is the Work.

Schools must refine the way they engage their staff in professional learning and must strengthen the way they link professional learning to practice. For highly effective teaching strategies that transfer to practice, schools need to consider how they enable teachers to investigate and trial new practice and allow for opportunities for them to discuss and gain feedback from their colleagues. Teachers who have opportunities to be more reflective through feedback enhance their pedagogical skills, leading to greater student achievement.

CPD 4 Teachers sets up structures within schools that contribute to building a strong professional learning culture through coaching, mentoring, teacher observations and teacher demonstrations.

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