Create ICT embedded, 21st Century Learning

At CPD 4 Teachers we can work with staff and leadership teams to:

  • Link the embedded use of ICT to your school’s vision and mission. This includes student learning but can also examine your online presence, policies and community engagement as a learning institution. Our goal is to determine where your school is at and plan for where your community would like to head next. This can include the use of social media, making learning visible online and customised frameworks for student learning and teacher pedagogy.
  • Create professional learning plans to meet the needs of your teachers, support staff and leaders and build a community of connected learners. We use variety of approaches tailored to your school’s needs and circumstances where possible using tools that you already have or are easily accessible.
  • Make sure you are ready for the ICT General Capabilities. Using the ICT General Capabilities and informed by other frameworks, we can help you find out how ready you are to meet the ICT curriculum demands. Our report will recommend professional learning and whole school approaches for ICT and pedagogy to enable you to take advantage of opportunities for ICT embedded learning in your school and beyond.
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