Creating a Culture of Shared Practice

How can we enhance our school’s professional learning within a culture of shared practice?

MailChimp_Graphic04-LearningBeing part of a learning community is not simply about the pursuit of individual learning goals, it also is about contributing to the learning and knowledge base of colleagues and the school.

Within a climate of trust, collaboration and ongoing feedback, teachers and school leaders come together to set, discuss and reflect on goals for professional learning and practice.

CPD 4 Teachers supports schools to set up an effective coaching  program where teachers regularly reflect on their practice, seek feedback and review their goals. Teachers gain a heightened awareness of best practice when they are able to give and gain focused feedback from colleagues through classroom observations. This allows teachers to develop an authentic understanding of their school’s pedagogical framework and support a ‘culture of shared practice.’

Do you have the mechanisms in place for reflection and feedback to flourish within your school?

The two goals that I have set for this term are wrapping up my lesson and making sure the students are confident and independent with regards to what to do if they are absent from class. Both of these are important to me as they establish routines and my expectations for learning in my classroom.

I have designed two posters outlining procedures, which are blown up in my classroom and will start implementing this next week.

I will be inviting Rachel and Jane to come in and observe the students with the wrap up procedure to see what needs adjusting.

(Joy, Marymount College)

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