Curriculum Alignment

Continuing Professional Development is able to provide critical support and  coaching for “Curriculum Alignment”  embedding the Australian Curriculum, your school’s pedagogical framework, assessment and achievement standards.

CPD 4 Teachers support teachers and leaders:

  • Develop a common understanding and shared vision for a “Whole School Approach” to Curriculum Alignment;
  • Audit and assess school teaching programs and their alignment with mandated curriculum, pedagogical frameworks and standards;
  • Build instructional strategies for formulating effective change management that supports a “school-wide approach” towards curriculum and curriculum pedagogy;

School Leaders can create “Curriculum Synchronicity,” by providing professional learning focusing on the three elements of curriculum, pedagogy and standards.

A school-wide pedagogy is created when teachers engage as a professional community to synergize their personal teaching talents in relation to their school’s distinctive vision. In doing so, they create the means for complementing and extending each others’ successful practices and for building shared responsibility for the quality of their school’s teaching, learning and assessment practices.  (Crowther 2009, cited Leadership Research Institute, 2007)  

“Outcomes and standards have inextricably linked curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting – into a system; and requires system thinking to see wholes – the interrelationships rather than things.” (Serge, 1992)


Serge, P. (1992) The Fifth Discipline. The art and practice of the learning organisation. Random House


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