Curriculum Frameworks and Pedagogy

Build a Whole School Approach to PEDAGOGY

The Australian Curriculum will tell you WHAT to teach, but it will not tell you HOW to teach it.

DoL DimensionsTheorists have developed pedagogical frameworks to assist educators reflect on the learning process. These frameworks translate research and theory into practice to improve teaching and learning across all years and content areas. Developing a whole school pedagogy creates a shared understanding of teaching and learning in your school.

Pedagogical frameworks promote the importance of quality instructional strategies and the explicit teaching of complex thinking processes, using a shared common language for planning curriculum and assessment.

CPD 4 Teachers provides critical support and coaching for curriculum leaders and key teachers in effective methods that bring about sustainable school wide “pedagogical change”.

CPD offers on-site coaching to schools who have adopted contemporary frameworks and are looking for new and innovative ways to engage staff with this pedagogy and at the same time create a “whole school synchronized approach” and common language to teaching and learning.

CPD 4 Teachers can support schools by:

  • Providing critical support to leaders and staff to embed their school’s chosen Pedagogical Frameworks. (ie: Classroom Instruction that Works, Dimensions of Learning,  Thinking Skills Framework,).
  • Planning together with teams to write units that align Australian Curriculum, Pedagogical Framework, Assessment, and Achievement Standards;
  • Embedding explicitly higher-order thinking skills into teaching and learning
  • Implementing systems in place for accountability and transparency of practice

“Pedagogy must be shared, engaging, matched to needs, interest and ability and reflect students’ feedback abut how they learn best. It must draw on tried and trusted experience and quality research about learning and it must use sound evidence of student performance in diagnostic and formative ways to aid individual development.” ((MacBeath & Dempster, 2009, p.104)

The Dimensions of Learning Model, or framework was developed by McREL (Mid-continent Regional Education Laboratory) under the leadership of Dr Robert Marzano and published by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

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