Explicit Teaching for Success

MailChimp_Graphic05-TeacherDo your teachers use explicit instruction and have meta-language that unites them with their colleagues and supports learners with key thinking processes across the school?

Many contemporary pedagogical frameworks apply this explicit teaching approach to higher order thinking processes that align with the Common Curriculum Elements. McREL’s Classroom Instruction that Works (CitW) and Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching (ASoT) frameworks provide a definition and a meta-language for critical steps in the process.

pedagogical frameworks

Explicit Teaching of the Common Curriculum Elements/Cognitive Verbs is essential to student success. Explicit Teaching is focused instruction whereby:

  1. Teacher clearly identifies the curriculum skills,
  2. Teacher models and articulate key steps in the process,
  3. Students with their teacher, practice using the meta-language,
  4. Teachers provide scaffolded learning experiences for students to practice and synthesis their learning.
  5. Students have opportunities to demonstrate mastery and gain feedback;

CPD 4 Teachers specialises in coaching and mentoring teachers in explicit teaching of higher order thinking processes. They also support curriculum leaders with curriculum mapping. Mapping of curriculum is made easier when skills and process are identified, tracked and extended upon rather than teachers believing they need to teach these always from “scratch” and “in their own individual way.”

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