H.O.T.S Framework

Have your units got the H.O.T.S?

Designing Units with Bloom’s TaxonomyITC HOTS

Bloom’s Taxonomy provides teachers with a model to classify the six levels of thinking. It provides a framework to guide curriculum design and incorporate these important Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) into the learning process.

The taxonomy provides schools with a shared common language to discuss teaching and learning that guides curriculum planning and assessment.

The Australian Curriculum requires schools to respond to the General Capabilities of Critical and Creative thinking and what better way to do this than using the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Write Critical & Creative Units that are “BLOOMING H.O.T”!

Use ITC’s Innovative Teaching Companion and Think Drive to create “synchronized” and H.O.T units of work.

View these resources at www.itcthinkdrive.com.au.

Contact CPD 4 Teachers to see how we can support your learning community’s needs.

CPD 4 Teachers provides coaching and mentoring in curriculum design whilst promoting the importance of a school-wide approach to pedagogy.

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