Develop Your Leaders with a Middle Leaders Course



This course develops the pedagogical leadership and capacity of individual teachers, middle leaders or senior leaders in a range of positions and at various career stages.

It is ideal for:

  • Aspiring Teacher Leaders
  • Primary and Secondary Co-ordinators
  • Academic and KLA Co-ordinators and/or Heads of Department

This course utilises the work of Viviane Robinson and provides the opportunity for leaders to further grow and develop their Pedagogical leadership skills. This course may include all leaders and takes place at the school. It aims to meet Middle Leaders’ individual needs and the school aligned vision for teaching and learning.

Little research has been undertaken as to evaluate the effectiveness of the KLA leader in secondary schools in improving student learning outcomes. Viviane Robinson’s research (2007) showed that there are Five Dimensions of Pedagogical Leadership that have been found to influence student achievement.

Student-Centered LeadershipHer findings have further been explained in her book ‘Student-Centered Leadership’ (2011).

The five Dimensions of Pedagogical Leadership identified are:

  1. Establishing Goals and Expectations
  2. Resourcing Strategically
  3. Ensuring Quality Teaching
  4. Leading Teacher Learning and Development
  5. Ensuring an Orderly and Safe Environment

The Educational Leadership Practice (ELP) Survey has been developed as a measurement of pedagogical leadership and is based on the five dimensions of pedagogical leadership. This survey comes from the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) and will be used to provide the data on pedagogical leadership. The data from the survey will form the basis of the individual action plan aimed at developing the capacity of Middle Leaders.

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The Professional Learning Community that will be formed will meet twice a term (minimum) with professional input and facilitation by a coach for up to 12 months.

This program can begin any time during the school year. Contact is maintained throughout the course through Skype, forums, hangouts and email.

Participants work on their Action Growth Plan with their coach based on data collated from “The Educational Leadership Practices (ELP) Survey.”

This coaching course is a combination of full and half day workshops, an online survey, an action growth plan and ongoing one-on-one coaching support. 

“The Pedagogical Leadership Course helped me to refine my leadership skills through the identification of specific pedagogical areas in order to then model and reinforce effective teaching and learning practices for my staff.”

Mosh , De La Salle 


“…..developed a strategy for my department in using areas of learning I have gained from this course, the survey and the Choice Theory course.”  


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