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Our Focus Areas That Guide Our Services






Raising Teachers’ Professional Standards

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers illustrates what high-level effective teaching looks like in 21st century schools. Teachers are the single most important influence on student achievement in-school. It is for this reason that a teacher’s Professional Knowledge and Professional Practice must continue to develop alongside Professional Engagement with their colleagues.

Source: Queensland College Of Teachers


Our Boutique Set of Services That We Provide

How We Work With Clients

All our continuing professional development programs can be customized and designed to meet clients’ needs and that of the learning community. There are numerous ways in which we are able to work effectively and deliver expected outcomes. For example:

  • Large/small group lectures;
  • Small group hands-on workshops;
  • 1:1 sessions;
  • Mentoring and Coaching block term/s contracts;
  • Post consulting support.

Learning group can be structured in any combination of ways:

  • Teachers, Key teachers; Teaching teams
  • Heads of Faculty, Heads of Department, Heads of School, Curriculum Co-ordinators
    Leadership groups;

CPD 4 Teachers recommends an ongoing mentoring relationship with clients rather than one-off events.