SONY DSCCPD 4 Teachers delivers engaging keynotes on a range of topics. Set aside a day, half day or a few hours to explore the many Keynotes we offer:

1. Excellence in pedagogy.
2. Evidence-based “best bets” for Classroom Practice.
3. Pedagogical Frameworks – What are they? Why are they needed?
4. A School-wide approach to learning and teaching.
5. A system approach to curriculum and pedagogical change.
6. Why Peer Coaching in my school?
7. How do we get transference between professional learning and professional practice?

“Schools must create a culture which is about learning………..Pedagogy must be shared, engaging, matched to need, interest and ability and reflect students’ feedback about how they learn best. It must draw on tried and trusted experience and quality research about learning and it must use sound evidence of student performance in diagnostic and formative ways to aid individual growth.  (MacBeth & Dempster, 2009, p. 104)


  1. The Motivation Factor – Self Determined Learning (for teachers and leaders)
  2. Building Student Growth Mindset – Seeking Expertise (for students)
  3. Engaging Parents in Mindset – The Three Legged Stool (for Parents and Carers)
  4. Consultant in Residence (Whole School: teachers, students and parents)

See the list below for information on Keynotes options that we offer:

Self-Determined Learning: The Motivation Factor

Linking intrinsic motivation with Growth Mindset and Metacognition. Why is it that some people achieve so much more than others? An overarching concern for educators, it is motivation that underpins people’s choices and actions. Motivation is the fuel of human behaviour – nothing gets done without it. Motivation creates in …

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Pedagogical Frameworks: A School-wide Approach to Teaching and Learning

What is best practice? Are you seeking best practice from your teachers in order to achieve better student outcomes for all students? School leaders must be very clear on the instructional practices they wish their teachers to develop and adopt. Many schools are moving towards pedagogical frameworks that outline strategies …

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Excellence in Pedagogy

What’s making a difference to student learning? With the Australian Curriculum calling for reforms in what we teach, it is imperative at this time that schools also examine how they teach. Pedagogical knowledge is consistently associated with student achievement. Hattie and Marzano support  “instructional strategies” as a significant school level …

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