CPD 4 Teachers offer a number of mentoring opportunities:

  1. Setting up Coaching and Mentoring Systems within your school.
  2. Creating a Culture of Shared  Practice.
  3. Leaders leading pedagogical change in their school.
  4. Professional Learning Teams to build teacher capacity.
  5. Mentoring and Coaching Mindset (for teachers)
Mentoring is “not just a way of supporting individual teachers [and leaders] but also a device to help build strong professional cultures of teaching in our schools, dedicated to improving teaching, learning, and caring.”
Hargreaves, A., & Fullan, M. (2000).

See the list below for information on the Mentoring options that we offer:

Self-Determined Learning: The Motivation Factor

Linking intrinsic motivation with Growth Mindset and Metacognition. Why is it that some people achieve so much more than others? An overarching concern for educators, it is motivation that underpins people’s choices and actions. Motivation is the fuel of human behaviour – nothing gets done without it. Motivation creates in …

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Develop Your Leaders with a Middle Leaders Course

PEDAGOGICAL LEADERSHIP – Leading your team. This course develops the pedagogical leadership and capacity of individual teachers, middle leaders or senior leaders in a range of positions and at various career stages. It is ideal for: Aspiring Teacher Leaders Primary and Secondary Co-ordinators Academic and KLA Co-ordinators and/or Heads of …

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Building Teacher Capacity

Successful student outcomes do not just happen by chance! Building teacher capacity can sometimes feel over-whelming. Professional learning time and money is not always spent well and a band-aid approach is often applied, hence having no effective and sustainable impact on student learning. Are your school’s targeted goals  clear and …

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Explore Evidence-based Practice using LEARNING TEAMS

A great way to allow teachers to professionally learn together is through the structure of “Learning Teams.” These small learning communities of teachers who work together with the same cohort of students are an effective way to share expertise, explore learning goals, access feedback and collect qualitative and quantitative data, …

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Coaching and Mentoring are the ways educators make meaning together and gain new insights and knowledge that lead to intentional change. This change will enhance classroom practice and student learning. Being part of a learning community is not simply about the pursuit of individual learning goal, it also is about …

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Pedagogical Frameworks

Pedagogical Frameworks: A School-wide Approach to Teaching and Learning
     Listed below are a number of contemporary Pedagogical Frameworks that schools are embracing to develop evidence-based “best bets” of instructional strategies within their teachers’ practice. Many schools are moving towards pedagogical frameworks because they outline strategies that have a …

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Creating a Culture of Shared Practice

How can we enhance our school’s professional learning within a culture of shared practice? Being part of a learning community is not simply about the pursuit of individual learning goals, it also is about contributing to the learning and knowledge base of colleagues and the school. Within a climate of …

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