Theorists have developed frameworks to assist educators in reflecting on pedagogy in the learning process. Schools have turned to Pedagogical Frameworks to create a shared common pedagogical platform to discuss and engage in the teaching and learning process.

pedagogical frameworksLisa Mac Dermott is a McREL Accredited Trainer. Listed below are some of the frameworks that CPD 4 Teachers offers training and or coaching in:

IMG_3360_Edit1. Classroom Instruction that Works (CitW)

2. The Art and Science of Teaching

3. Dimensions of Learning (DoL)

4. The Thinking Skills Framework

5. The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

6. Visible Learning

See the list below for information on Training options that we offer:

Pedagogical Frameworks

Pedagogical Frameworks: A School-wide Approach to Teaching and Learning
     Listed below are a number of contemporary Pedagogical Frameworks that schools are embracing to develop evidence-based “best bets” of instructional strategies within their teachers’ practice. Many schools are moving towards pedagogical frameworks because they outline strategies that have a …

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Case Study – Xavier College, Hervey Bay.

CPD 4 Teachers began working with Xavier College in 2012. Xavier College is a Catholic School with students from Pre-Year 12 on a beautiful campus at Eli Waters, Hervey Bay. The College leadership sought a united curriculum and pedagogical approach that would professionally engage their staff with research based “best bets” …

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Classroom Instruction that Works

Classroom Instruction that Works (2nd Edition) presents a new teacher-friendly framework for Instructional Planning that assists with unit and lesson design whilst uniting staff with common Instructional Strategies. CITW presents: A new, evidence-based insight from the most recent research A refined framework that will strengthen instructional planning Reasons for choosing …

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H.O.T.S Framework

Have your units got the H.O.T.S? Designing Units with Bloom’s Taxonomy Bloom’s Taxonomy provides teachers with a model to classify the six levels of thinking. It provides a framework to guide curriculum design and incorporate these important Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) into the learning process. The taxonomy provides schools …

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