Pedagogical Frameworks

Pedagogical Frameworks: A School-wide Approach to Teaching and Learning

Listed below are a number of contemporary Pedagogical Frameworks that schools are embracing to develop evidence-based “best bets” of instructional strategies within their teachers’ practice. Many schools are moving towards pedagogical frameworks because they outline strategies that have a high effect size on student learning. Pedagogical Frameworks allow a whole school, united approach for teaching and learning.

Classroom Instruction that Works (CitW)

CitW(MCREL, 2011)

  • Evidence-based Framework (meta-analysis)
  • 3 Components
  • 9 categories of Instructional Strategies
  • Explicit Teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills.

The Art and Science of Teaching (ASoT)

(Marzano, 2009)

Art and Science of Teaching book

  • 3 Lesson Segments
  • 9 Design Questions
  • 41 Elements – Effective Teaching Strategies/Actions.

Understanding by Design (UbD)

(McTighe and Wiggins, 2004)


  • Backward Design
  • Big Idea, Essential understandings and Questions
  • Plan for Six Facets of Understanding

Dimensions of Learning (DoL)

IMG_6871_Edit-400x444px(MCREL, 1997)

  • Research Based Framework defining the learning process
  • 5 Dimensions (incl. Attitudes & Perceptions and Habits of Mind)
  • Explicit Teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Thinking Skills Framework

ITC HOTS(ITC, adapted from Bloom’s Taxonomy, 2002)

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Develops Critical and Creative Higher Order Thinking
  • Common teaching strategies
  • Resources – online, posters and diary Based Framework defining the learning process.

The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

(MARZANO & KENDALL, 2007)thumb_9781412936293_1024

  • Adapted from Blooms’s and Anderson’s Taxonomy
  • QCAA using as a framework for the new QLD Senior Syllables
  • 3 Domains of Knowledge
  • Self-System and Metacognitive System included
  • Cognitive System (Retrieval, Comprehension, Analysis and Knowledge Utilisation)



Supporting Schools Implement their Pedagogical Framework

teachingThe implementation, and maintenance of a school’s pedagogical framework is a large task and one where adequate support of school leaders and teachers is vital if professional engagement and growth is to occur.

CPD 4 Teachers support Australian schools in the successful implementation of a school-wide approach through coaching and mentoring. This ongoing co-creation coaching partnership begins with an ‘action plan’ with ‘a checklist of actions’ at the various phases of implementation.

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