Putting pedagogical frameworks into practice

Pedagogical frameworks provide a united school-wide approach for teaching and learning. Beneficially they outline strategies that have a high impact on student learning. Pedagogical frameworks turn research into practice to improve teaching and optimise student performance across all years and content areas.

It’s important that school leaders are clear on the strategies they wish their teachers to develop and adopt. The implementation and maintenance of a school’s pedagogical framework is a large task that needs adequate support of school leaders and teachers if professional growth is to occur. At CPD for Teachers, we work with schools to help them choose the right instructional framework for their school and can even support your staff in the creation of a framework that meets your context. We then provide ongoing support through training, coaching and mentoring.

We recognise that adopting a school-wide pedagogy needs more than just knowledge of a framework.  Through our customised coaching program, we work with teachers to help plan and implement effective instructional practices within their curriculum. Specifically, we can:

Train your curriculum co-ordinators and teachers in the important contemporary pedagogical frameworks;

  • Coach your staff to create a whole school approach to pedagogy and
  • Mentor leaders to adopt a system thinking approach to curriculum change.
  • Train your curriculum co-ordinators and teachers in the important contemporary pedagogical frameworks;

If you need help maintaining and sustaining your pedagogical framework then call us today to discuss your school’s requirements: Tel: 0401 570 085 or Email:  info@cpd4teachers.com.au

“Thank you for taking the time to talk with us at our course recently. I understand much more clearly now the essential elements of a “whole-school learning framework.” It has been a most helpful lens to examine my current school’s frameworks and prepare for the future. We are very appreciative of your dedication to quality teaching and learning and the engaging manner in which you shared your experience and wisdom.” Marissa – Brisbane Catholic Education-Out of the Box Leadership Program

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