Self-Determined Learning: The Motivation Factor

Linking intrinsic motivation with Growth Mindset and Metacognition.motivation

Why is it that some people achieve so much more than others? An overarching concern for educators, it is motivation that underpins people’s choices and actions. Motivation is the fuel of human behaviour – nothing gets done without it. Motivation creates in us a desire to overcome obstacles, to persist beyond the boundaries of comfort, and to achieve beyond ours and others wildest expectations.

The best learning occurs when children are connected with intrinsic desires to question, discover and learn. Self-Determination Theory provides teachers with a pragmatic toolkit for enabling intrinsic motivation to thrive in the classroom, and to powerfully impact upon student learning outcomes.

1 SelfDeterminationTheory

This presentation synthesises the core teaching and learning concepts of goal setting, teaching for metacognition, cultivating growth-mindset and skill development, through the lens of Self-Determination Theory – a cohesive model of intrinsic motivation that drives curiosity and improves learning.

This CPD shares vital research-based pedagogical strategies that teachers can use straight away with their students.

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