Setting up a Coaching and Mentoring Program in your school

Do you want great transference between professional learning and effective teaching practice?

MailChimp_Graphic01-ObjectiveFeedbackThe challenge for schools is to continue to enhance a school’s culture that focuses on improvements in teaching and learning. Schools must refine the way they engage their staff in professional learning and must strengthen the way they link professional learning to practice.

For highly effective teaching strategies that transfer to practice, schools need to consider how they enable teachers to investigate and trial new practice and allow for opportunities for them to discuss and gain feedback from their colleagues. Teachers who have opportunities to be more reflective through feedback enhance their pedagogical skills, leading to greater student achievement.

CPD 4 Teachers sets up structures within schools that contribute to building a strong professional learning culture through coaching, mentoring, teacher observations and teacher demonstrations.

Lisa has been working with Craigslea’s  staff this year as our Literacy Coach. She has been providing individual coaching on Reciprocal Teaching, which is one of the key strategies of our pedagogical framework. Her work has enabled teachers and faculties to gain traction and feedback on what has been proven to be an effective, ‘high yield’ instructional strategy. Her coaching role has extended the school’s endeavours to promote a culture of shared practice with a focus on quality teaching. We have been inspired by Lisa’s knowledge, enthusiasm and professional approach to her role and she is very much viewed as part of our team.

(Linda Rossi-Pope – Deputy Principal, Craigslea State High School)

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