Teacher Coaching

Improve Teacher Practice Through COACHING.

Coaching in schools should not be limited to the sporting field!
Teacher Coaching is an effective way to grow your Teachers’ professional knowledge, practice and engagement within a “Culture of Shared Practice.”

Curriculum Leaders COACHING for Teacher Growth.

Empower your curriculum leaders to lead, guide and build the capacity of their teaching team.  Coaching in schools leads to intentional change in instructional practice,  which focus on student achievement. http://www.teacherstandards.aitsl.edu.au

If you look at improving instruction, there has to be a linchpin to make change happen, and that’s the coach.       Jim Knight

CPD 4 Teachers work in schools to develop a contextualized school-wide coaching system using the Teachers Coaching Model©™ whereby a school’s curriculum leaders will coach colleagues to achieve school and personal teaching goals.

CPD 4 Teachers work within schools to:
– Set up a school’s individual coaching system that embeds the Coaching Model ©™;
– Train Curriculum Leaders on the coaching principals and phases of the Teachers’ Coaching Model©™;
– Mentor Leaders in effective coaching conversations that will allow teachers to set goals and reflect on classroom practice;



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