The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives



Is it necessary to teach thinking since it is what humans do naturally?
Students should be taught to perform this innate process of thinking more efficiently and effectively.thumb_9781412936293_1024

Marzano and Kendall’s New Taxonomy is a framework that supports schools in creating a thinking skills curriculum, one which has the explicit teaching of thinking skills and processes. The model guides curriculum design, teaching and assessment and presents three systems impacting on student learning:

–    The Self System (Examining importance, efficacy, emotional response and motivation)
–    The Metacognitive System (Learning goals, Monitoring clarity, accuracy)
–    The Cognitive System (Retrieval, Comprehension, Analysis and Knowledge Utilisation)


The National Curriculum targets the Cognitive System and the teaching of  “cognitive verbs” and processes that address retrieval, comprehension, analysis and knowledge utilisation.

Do your students explicitly learn these important cognitive processes within their curriculum and demonstrate these effectively? If not….

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