Coaching and Mentoring are the ways educators make meaning together and gain new insights and knowledge that lead to intentional change.Collaborative Culture

This change will enhance classroom practice and student learning. Being part of a learning community is not simply about the pursuit of individual learning goal, it also is about contributing to the learning and knowledge base of one’s colleagues and the school.

How does your school continue to build teacher capacity and enhance a Professional Learning Culture that will improve student outcomes?

CPD 4 Teachers work with schools to develop and implement a coaching and mentoring program that supports a whole-school approach to pedagogy. Curriculum leaders and classroom teachers are empowered through this process to professionally learn and grow within a “collaborative culture of shared practice”.

” A Collaborative Culture….. “……is the single most important factor for successful school improvement initiatives, the first order of business for those seeking to enhance their schools’ effectiveness, an essential requirement of improving schools, the critical element in reform efforts and the most promising strategy for sustained substantive school improvement.” DuFour (2001)


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